Sunday, February 17, 2008

2008 results

The overall results have been posted on the HeadFirst Performance Services website.


Jeffro said...

Any word on the 2009 running of LLTH? Just in case I already reserved a room for the 13th at the Hearthstone, which by the way is now the Ramada Inn, 502.955.5566

I know it's early, but that darned farm show eats up a lot of hotel rooms.

ed said...

I talked to Jim Ball, President of the Cherokee Road Runners, at a group run today set up by The Trail Store. He assures me that LLTH is a go for Valentine’s Day next year. I’ll be updating & entering new information on this blog in the near future.

Those motels at that exit seem to change their names every year – Thanks for the heads up. Hearthstone Inn still has both of their big signs up, but they do have “Ramada Inn” flashing on a sign at the entrance. Hearthstone Inn was originally Baymont Inn . . . . Comfort Inn last year is now Baymont Inn, etc., etc. I’ve updated the hotels as of this week – there could be changes before February.