Friday, February 15, 2008

last minute notes

The sun & warmer temps than expected melted a lot of snow today. About an inch or less of slushy snow remains, with more in shaded areas. How much it freezes back will depend on just how cold it gets tonight.

With all the runoff from the melting, it may be difficult to keep the feet dry crossing a couple streams unless the freeze helps brings them down tonight.

The rock face on the 2nd loop (Yellow Trail) may be icy in the morning -- the alternate path above it is not a well worn one – although it may be flagged as the course by race time. Some very narrow sections of the Yellow Trail near the end of the loop are tricky when wet, more so when snowy or icy.

Some of the course flagging may be on the ground due to the icing earlier in the week.

Good Luck!

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