Saturday, February 9, 2008

the wind of change

One of reasons the Jefferson Memorial Forest is such a gem that it is, is because of the people that work to keep it that way. Many thanks go out to Forest Management, in particular Larry Hilton, whose dedication goes far beyond that required of his position. Thanks also to Matt & Eric, who have trekked the many miles of hilly trails with chainsaws to clear the downed trees from the last 2 wind storms. Hopefully the forecast tonight of sustained winds of 40 mph won’t be as destructive as the wind bursts from last week.

According to the RD, there will be several changes in the course from last year, most notably within the first 7 miles of both races. A new trail is being added & a traverse along a gravel road (added last year only) will be removed. This change & others will be noted in detail soon.

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