Monday, February 16, 2009

2009 Louisville's Lovin' the Hills -- Notes & Results

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After the ice storm, "postpone" or "cancel" were possible options for the race this year. Fortunately for everyone, Headfirst Performance took on the challenge. This was Cynthia & Todd Heady's 2nd year at directing LLTH & it was another successful event!

The light rain that was forecast didn't happen & the course, for the most part, was only damp with just a few muddy spots here & there. Trails were in great shape, considering what they looked like only recently. Even though most of the course had been cleared at least a couple times, a few new branches & maybe a tree or 2 had fallen onto the trails by race time, but there was nothing very big or hard to get over or around.

THANKS again to all the workers & volunteers who cleared the trails & made the race possible! Special THANKS to Larry Hilton with the JMF staff who went above & beyond to meet the deadline. Also, THANKS to all the runners & volunteers who helped make LLTH a success!

The 2009 LLTH Race Results have been posted at the Headfirst Performance website.

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Jeffro said...

Amen, and thanks to all who made this race possible. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Could not have hoped for better trail and weather conditions.
Of course I blew it by going out too fast too early and struggled on the return from Scott's Gap.