Wednesday, February 4, 2009

MAJOR ice storm

I would have posted this earlier, but like most residents in the Jefferson Memorial Forest area, I was without electric for 7 days & internet service for 9 days:

On January 26-27, a major ice storm, called the worst in Kentucky history, hit the Jefferson Memorial Forest (JMF). It first started with a couple inches of sleet, followed by a day of freezing rain, then it was all topped off with 4 inches of snow. Park roads were closed the 1st week until the trees could be removed and the powerlines restored. Countless trees, tree tops & branches have filled in the trails from start to finish. The monumental task of clearing has begun (MANY THANKS to the dedicated JMF workers & all the volunteers!) -- progress has been slow with the icy conditions. If anyone is interested, meet at the Welcome Center this Saturday or Sunday at 9 am as small groups are assigned different trail segments to clear.

If we have good weather & the current effort is continued, I believe all the trails will be passable by race day.

Pictures taken on the course 5 days after the storm first hit:

Starting line is at the gate (15m, 50k):

Entrance to the Siltstone Trail (50k):

Tom Wallace Lake Road (inbound portion 50k):

Former aid station location at Tom Wallace Lake:

Even the outhouses at the Start were not spared:

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