Thursday, February 4, 2010

last minute notes 2010

Course: The 5" snow from last weekend has been melting away this week. Could get a little messy if we get all the precipitation that's forecast the next couple days. Below are a couple pics on the Blue Trail (3rd Leg) at the dam -- just a little snow left in the shaded areas as of this morning:

Parking: Much of the ground near the start is saturated, but I've been informed by the Forest staff that the grassy fields adjacent to the start area actually have a gravel base beneath them -- I have not confirmed this personally on site . . .

Early packet pickup: Time has been changed to 11 am to 6 pm (was 10 am to 7 pm) Friday at Ken Combs Running Store. You can also register for the race here.

Extra goodies: There will be an extra item in some of the race packets: buffs to the 1st 100 entrants by date; socks or gloves in some of the others.

Entrants: The entry list has been updated thru 2-3-10, 74 entries for the 50k, 88 for the 15m.

New photo gallery: Eric Grossman, the founder of LLTH & one of the top ultrarunners in the country, is the current record holder for the 50k (2007) and plans to participate again this year. He has just uploaded all of his pictures from the 2005 LLTH, the 2nd of the two races which he directed -- the new photo gallery is posted under 2005 by Eric Grossman. Thanks Eric for sharing!

I hope everyone gets the chance to take in the sights thruout the Forest when they're running & when they can afford to take their eyes off the trail. Although the Jefferson Memorial Forest has been scarred badly in recent years from tornadoes, a hurricane & a severe ice storm, there are still very nice areas to enjoy.

You may want to check out the Horine Center (Lodge) after the finish -- I've heard that there will be at least a half dozen hot soups to choose from (Cynthia doesn't want you to leave hungry)!

May everyone have a SAFE & FUN race!


Jeffro said...

I hope I get one of the buffs, I love those things.

Anonymous said...

ed, you blog is the best , thanks so much!!!
i enjoyed seeing the picture s form 2005 and the ones you took with the snow!

Anonymous said...

Any updates today on the course?

ed said...


I love mine too -- I could hardly do without one now.




We've had over an inch of rain today. Streams are up & there's standing water on the trails in some places -- that could change by morning -- not sure what the weather will bring us overnight.