Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 LLTH - one to remember

First of all, condolences to the Heady family as Cynthia's father passed away Friday, the day before the event. Although Cynthia & Todd Heady had directed this event together the previous 3 years, this was "Cynthia's race" -- her pride & joy. Cynthia did not make it to the race, but her post race soups did -- hope everyone had a chance to sample them.

8 am start:

Race morning turned out to be cool & clear with a light breeze. A little snow covered the frozen ground near the start area. The temperatures rose quickly on this bright & sunny day and within a few hours, the snow on the trails melted away and the frozen ground quickly thawed. By mid afternoon, the trails were a real mudfest for the 50k runners. Despite the tough trail conditions, most everyone kept to the task & completed their race. Congratulations to all who finished!

early in the day:
Unfortunately, everything did not go as smoothly as planned this day for Todd, who was thrust into directing a race that Cynthia handled and all at the last minute. I hope everyone can be understanding:

Due to miscommunications, the volunteer who was to man the most critical junction (50k/15m split) on the course did not make it there. Once it was discovered there wasn't anyone there, Todd himself went to the junction & directed traffic until help arrived.

part of sign map for RD:
There were 16 runners, including 1 15m runner (based on the tracker at the Siltstone trailhead) who started on the 3rd leg & bypassed most of the 2nd leg. When the 50k runners reached the junction again on the return trip, they were directed to Yost & onto the remainder of the 2nd leg which had been bypassed earlier. The 15m runner was turned around at Bearcamp Road. RESULTS are currently posted, however, I would say they're preliminary until notes can be doublechecked. The link to these results has currently overwritten the 2009 results and the link for 2011 results on the Headfirst Performance website is currently (2-13-11) incorrect. Please be patient as Cynthia & Todd are attending to family matters.

Thank you Headfirst Performance for proceeding with this event despite difficult times. There was a record number of finishers & I believe most would say they enjoyed themselves!


Ben said...

This is a great race year after year. We look forward to it every year. Thanks to the Headys and all of the other volunteers who stand in the cold for hours to make it happen! Thanks to Ed for the updated info leading up to and following the race. It is greatly appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I am wanting the Headys to know that our hearts are with them at this time.
Todd thanks for stepping in like you did.
The trail run was super, great weather,trails,volunteers,food,runners,snow,mud,sunshine,and OOOOO, did I say anything about the hills.
Next year, ready to go....Thanks

McClain said...

Fantastic race!!! Even though it was a battle, the race was very well organized, the volunteers were amazing. The trail was beautiful and the food was delicious. You can't ask for more. Great job!

Jerry M N said...

I am here to say, This is a trail run that can get any runner ready for the Triple Crown, Mini, and any other kind of races here in Kentucky.
To the volunteers and to the Headys, just a super job of getting this race together.
If anyone really wants to do this run, you have better love the hills!