Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 LLTH update

Since the last post:

There will be a change from last years race on the 1st leg of the 15m/50k courses due to a recent trail re-alignment by the Forest Service. This small change will bypass the steepest portion of the 2nd downhill and add 0.2 miles to each race distance. The 15m and 50k course maps have not yet been updated to reflect this change. Unfortunately, the Forest Service has kept to their ongoing program to remove ALL steep or narrow trails -- so the course continues to change year to year.

A last minute addition this year: There will be a "fun run" option for those who would like to run just the 1st leg of the 15m/50k course (about 6 miles). Let the volunteers know at the registration desk on race day that you'd like this option. The fee is $35. You will receive a shirt, but no race buff.

For those who wish to become familiar with the course, training runs have been set up for this coming Sunday (22nd) and on Saturday (28th). The 1st run will be leg 1 and leg 2 of the 15m & 50k courses beginning at 8 am EDT from the official race start area. The 2nd run will be on most of the 3rd leg of the 50k (Siltstone Trail & Scotts Gap Trail) beginning at 8 am EDT from the Welcome Center . Anyone is welcome to run all or any portion of the run or course. A permit will not be required for entering the Horine Section on the 22nd or on race day.

The Interstate 64 bridge over the Ohio River just west of Louisville is CLOSED. For those using I-64 west of Louisville to travel to and from the race will need to follow the detour (I-265 & I-65). This will likely add 10+ minutes to your travel time.

Race registration is still open online and by mail. Entry list as of January 16: entries


Anonymous said...

Hey Ed! I was wondering if there is a way I can get the elevation data for the 50k in a .tcx file or an excel. Thanks!

Jason said...

When is the last day to register on without a late entry fee? It states only one day left before increasing to 60 dollars. Is this true?

ed said...


I can send you what I have by email. You can find my email address on my blogger profile.


Yes, Saturday (21st) is the last day you can enter for $50 (paper entry or online).

Modern Marvel said...

Ed, thanks again for this website! Can't wait to see how the race turns out!

Anonymous said...

Ed, thanks for the updates. I ran the red/orange loop on Thursday. The new section on the red trail is great. There's are fewer switchbacks. They did a great job building that section. I measured 5.3 miles on the first loop, but my Garmin usually underestimates the trail by about 5%.