Wednesday, February 8, 2012

last minute notes - 2012 edition

Online registration on closes tonight at 11:59 pm PST. Late registration is also available at packet pickup on Friday at Ken Combs Running Store from 12 noon to 6:00 pm EST and on race morning from 6:30 - 7:30 am EST at the Horine Center (Lodge) at the FINISH area.

Quest Outdoors (Frankfort Road location) just recently announced they are throwing a pre-race party & pasta dinner at their store from 5:00 - 9:00 pm Friday night (10th) -- no charge. You can also register here & receive a $5 discount on the entry fee.

Trails are wet today & muddy in places. The forecast for the race has been changing almost daily, so you may want to check the forecast before heading out. As it looks now, trails could be partially frozen on race day. All the streams are currently low or dry.

on the 2nd leg near the dam this morning:

Flagging this year will be glo-PINK with most of it stamped with MONTRAIL. Due to the ongoing trail construction on the 2nd leg of the race and due to property owners marking their boundaries, there will be several different colored flags around (red, orange & blue/white striped). Just think PINK & you'll be OK. If you go more than a couple hundred feet without seeing a pink ribbon, something's wrong.

on the 2nd leg at the dam:

When you're on the Yellow Trail on the 2nd leg of the race, you will see & run on short segments of the new, very flat, double wide trail intended to replace all of the narrow, hilly, single track currently in place. Sadly, this may be the last year for the most challenging section of LLTH -- so you may want to enjoy it while you can.

One last item: There may be horses & hiking groups using the same trail as the race Saturday. Please share the trails, especially the narrow single track sections that don't allow much room for passing. Thanks.

May everyone have a SAFE & FUN race!

added 2-9-12 :

The forecast has changed dramatically since yesterday. Currently, a weather advisory has been issued for tomorrow (Friday) night. Of course, the forecast could change again.



Josh said...


Thanks so much for once again providing LLTH runners with an invaluable resource! I'm sorry you won't be running this year, but I'll be glad to see you Saturday. It's been quite awhile!

wendy_miller said...

This is my first time runing this race...can't wait! Is the start on Eastern or Central time?

ed said...

Eastern time.

You may want to head out early too as snow is now in the forecast.

Good Luck.

Hal Anthony said...

This is going to be FUN!
All 50+K of it.

Alan Jaques said...

Ed, I'm confused. If late registration is at the horine center (finish area) where does the race start? Missed it last year. thanks, alan

ed said...


The Horine Center (Lodge), where the FINISH is located & where there's late registration, is about 150 yards across a meadow from the parking area where the START is located. They are within sight distance of each other. Check out the 50k course description tab to the right on this blog & look at the 3rd Leg Start/End Closeup map.

Good Luck.