Saturday, January 19, 2013

1-19-13 LLTH update

Registration is still available from the official website of LLTH.   Entry fees increase after tomorrow, Sunday, the 20th.   Late registration is also available at packet pickup on Friday, Feb 8, at Ken Combs Running Store from 12 noon to 6:00 pm EST and on race morning from 6:30 - 7:30 am EST at the Horine Center (Lodge) at the FINISH area.

Each year the Forest Service removes, closes or replaces steep or narrow trails in the Jefferson Memorial Forest in order to provide more "family friendly" trails.  The new standard is 4 feet to 8 feet wide & about flat enough to be handicap accessible.  Unfortunately, they outdid themselves this year & replaced 7+ miles of challenging trails in the Yost Section of the Forest, including all of the 2nd leg (5 miles) of the LLTH course.

However, for this year, all of the original LLTH course in this section is not lost:  after negotiating an agreement, including a donation to the Forest, 1.25 miles of the Yellow Trail on the 2nd leg will be re-opened just for the race.  Once the final connector trail in the Yost Section is completed this summer, it's likely this 1.25 miles will also be closed off permanently -- so enjoy the last remnants of the old course while you can.

Can you tell just by this Yost Section profile where the old trail ends & the new trail starts? 

profile courtesy of Bob Walker

The new trails in Yost are not only flatter & wider, but they are also shorter in total lengthAn out'n'back has been added for the 15m only.  The out'n'back branches off the 2nd leg & proceeds to the rear of the Welcome Center and back.  15 mile runners will either have to give up their bib tab, have their bib marked or otherwise be confirmed that they reach the turnaround point at the rear of the Welcome Center.  Since the 50k was long last year, the new shorter 2nd leg will bring the race distance closer to 50k.  The 6 mile fun run course remains the same & is the 1st leg of the 15m & 50k and finishes at the Horine Center.

Maps of the new courses can be found here:    50k    15m

WANTED:  Videographer(s)

Last year some video was taken and it seems that the short clips from that video were popular to some runners.  Since I plan to run this year, I'm looking for someone to take video at a couple locations.  It's not an easy task standing in the bitter cold all day -- it's easier to run.  If you're interested, contact me at  If several should happen to respond, I would prefer someone who has run the race or is very familiar with the course.  I can offer a gift card (dinner for 2) and race benefits for next year.  I could also use someone to re-check critical course signs before the race since I won't be doing that either.


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Ed, good seeing you on the trail today. Thanks for keeping us informed on this great trail run. Bob Walker