Saturday, February 9, 2013

2013 LLTH Results & Race Recap

The 2013 results are in.

A clear cool day with a very light breeze greeted a record number of runners for the 10th annual running of LLTH.  Some arrived concerned about mud due to the recent rain & the above normal temps.  There was a little mud here and there, but it was not a factor on this day like it's been in the past.

With the good weather & trails conditions, times were very fast overall & some in record fashion:


Scott Breeden of Bloomington, obliterated the LLTH 50k record of 4:39:35 set by Eric Grossman in 2007 with an incredible 4:07:38!  Troy Shellhamer, 2011 winner, also broke the 2007 record with a very fast 4:37:06.

Andrea Ring of Duluth made her first visit to LLTH a winning one with a time of 6:11:37.



Ryan Althaus of Louisville, winner of the 15m last year in a record 1:56:50, broke his own record with a time of 1:53:55.  Ryan now has a streak of 3 straight wins.

Rebecca Boyle of Indianapolis crushed the 15m record of 2:13:25 set by Alicia Heyne last year with a time of 2:07:53. 


Daniel Blandford of Louisville, easy winner of the inaugural 6m race last year in 40:38, repeated with a win in similar fashion with a time of 40:39.

Rella Faye Harmon of Clarksville, blasted past the record of 57:57 set by Jenny Trevathan last year with a time of 52:58. 


Congrats & Thanks to all runners who made 2013 LLTH a success this year!  Thanks also to Headfirst Performance & to all the dedicated volunteers.  Special Thanks to Cynthia Heady who seemed to be everywhere getting things organized & once again provided some great homemade soups for everyone.


For 2014:

It is highly unlikely the last remaining hill with narrow single track (and one of the most scenic parts of the Forest) on the 2nd leg in the Yost section will be available for the race next year.

There were mixed thoughts about the new, wider & flatter trails in Yost.  Surprisingly, some liked them.  Most, though, were saddened by the loss of the hilly single track there and the ongoing REMOVAL OF ALL challenging trails in the Forest.  LLTH will never be the same. 
If anyone has pictures they wish to share with others, post your link or send it to -- Thanks.



Anonymous said...

can you post a link to the video that has all the runners at the start.
Your website was great. It is very helpful. Answered many questions for me.
jw shoemaker

ed said...

Thanks. Send me an email.

Anonymous said...

thanks man

Anonymous said...

Is there a date for the 2014 LLTH?

ed said...

2014 LLTH will be on Saturday, February 8. The official website and this blog will be updated when more information is available. Registration usually opens in November.