Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 LLTH Results and Race Recap

The 2016 race results are in.

The 13th running of LLTH is now history.  There was a good turnout as the weather cooperated for us again this year.  A little colder (27 degrees) than forecast in the morning but that helped keep the mud on the course frozen thru mid morning.  As the temps slowly rose to the low 50's, the mud would reveal itself although it wasn't as bad as last year when there was a similar weather pattern.
           Photo by Debi Alexander

Debi Alexander of Indianapolis offered her time & photographic expertise & has provided hundreds of great photos.  All are free to download -- Thank you Debi!

Mile 6/First Water stop -

                                   Photo by Debi Alexander
                                  Cynthia Heady (RD)                                 

2016 winners:

50k:  Troy Shellhamer   4:53:37                    Ashley Cearbaugh    6:53:13

15m: Greg Fraze           2:02:31                    Alicia Heyne            2:18:06

6m:   Lincoln Williams     40:47                     Sally Etherton            50:10

buff, shirt & finisher medal:

  10 year finisher award:

Congrats & Thanks to all runners who made 2016 LLTH a success.  Thanks also to the Headfirst Performance crew & all the volunteers.  Special thanks to Cynthia Heady who made this race happen & once again provided some great homemade soups.

If anyone has pictures they wish to share with others, post your link or send it to  Also, you can send any name spelling or results corrections to the same address.  Thanks.



Debi said...

Great to meet you in passing yesterday Ed, I emailed you the pix and great job out there!!

ed said...

Thank you Debi for ALL the pix -- they're GREAT!