Saturday, February 4, 2017

2017 LLTH Results and Race Recap

Preliminary results have been posted.   The direct link (subject to change) is currently at:
IF the link does not work, check the HeadFirst Performance website, under the results tab, for the latest revision.  If you note any errors, contact HeadFirst Performance.  Results will also be posted on Ultrasignup.

A record crowd attended the 14th running of LLTH.  Entries numbered over 400 for the 1st time -- due, in part, to the expected weather & trail conditions, which were better than usual.  The temps would range from 17 to 39 on a partly cloudy day & there was a very light breeze.

As expected, the trails were frozen thru mid-morning.  With the hard overnight freeze, parts of the trail that were only damp on previous days had ice form near the surface.  Then as the sun & temps rose higher, the trails did develop some slick areas & a couple fairly muddy spots in the afternoon.  The trails were actually in better shape earlier in the week despite the lack of any precipitation since then.

A better quality version of this start video has been uploaded to OneDrive.  It's in HD format, so not everyone may be able to view it.

2017 winners:

50k:   Scott Breeden      4:14:37**           Jessica Southers     5:27:38**

15m:  Clinton Barrett    1:59:04               Kristin Patterson    2:22:39

6m:    Kaleb Patterson     46:26                Sara Mahoney           46:31

** Scott's time is 2nd only to the record (4:07:38) he set in 2013.  Jessica's time is 2nd only to the record set by Ellen Erhardt/Byron (5:18:05) in 2008.

shirt, buff & finisher medal:

Congrats & Thanks to all!  Thanks also to the Headfirst Performance crew & all the volunteers.  And as always, special thanks to Cynthia Heady, who makes this race happen.

If anyone has pictures they wish to share with others, post your link or send it/them to   Thanks!


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