Saturday, February 9, 2019

2019 LLTH Results and Race Recap

Preliminary results have been posted.   The direct link is currently at

Results are now at:

If you note any errors, send the corrections to Headfirst Performance.  Results will be posted on Ultrasignup once they are finalized.


The 16th (final?) running of LLTH is now history!

The weather always seem to play a part & adds to the challenge every year -- it was no different this time:


I didn't notice water draining onto the course & freezing, other than a small section of sidewalk, but on one access road to the race, there was water draining from the hill & it formed sheets of ice. The hill had been salted, but was useless as a constant stream of water flowed down & across the road & took the salt with it.

As the start of the race approached, it was observed that more race packets than expected were unclaimed.  Word came in that traffic had backed up on the hill coming from Fairdale when drivers could not get by the ice on the steep hill.  Someone was dispatched to assist, but word that the start would be delayed 30 minutes came too late for some in line & they gave up.  Everyone who was patient or just couldn't get out of the line made it in time for the start.

                Photo by Headfirst Performance

Trail conditions

At one time the forecast called for low teens on race morning & it was expected to freeze the course.  With a temp of 19 degrees though & sunny skies at the race start, the trails were partially wet in some areas, even on the 1st section.  I believe that the ground was still retaining some heat from the unseasonably high temps (mid 60's) less than 2 days earlier.  Temps would reach the mid 30's by late afternoon.  Many trails were rough thruout the day as there were many footprints & ridges pushed up that were frozen into the trail from foot traffic earlier in the week.  The most thawing I noticed in the afternoon was towards the west end of the course at Scott's Gap and where parts of the trails were exposed to the sun.

          Photo by Headfirst Performance

2019 winners:

50k:    Nathan Holland   4:23:21*         Sarka Petrickova      5:50:17

15m:   Eric Smith           1:58:24          Amanda Leblanc      2:22:55

6m:     Derek Montoya      49:57          Magnolia Hart             45:58

*Nathan Holland picked up his 2nd straight win in the 50k by demolishing the competition (a record margin of victory) in the 3rd fastest time recorded at LLTH.

                Photo by Headfirst Performance

shirt, buff, gloves & finisher medal:

An award is issued to runners when reaching 10 finishes at LLTH.  2 runners reached that milestone this year:  Ben Mast and Patrick Schmidt -- Congratulations!

If anyone has photos (or drone video!) they wish to share with others, post your link or send it/them to   Thanks!

Photos by Headfirst Performance can be found here:

Congrats & Thanks to all!  Thanks also to the Headfirst Performance crew & all the volunteers.  Special Thanks to Cynthia Heady!

LLTH 2020:

There seems to be an increasing negative sentiment about LLTH with the management at the Jefferson Memorial Forest. This includes both the use of the trails and the Horine Center.   Don't know if it's because of new hires, new policy or the public, but I'm hoping this issue is resolved as planning for 2020 will not be able to start.



Scott Barnes said...

Hey guys, just wanted to thank you again for putting on a great race. This was my first 50k and while extremely difficult, the race, volunteers, and food was awesome. I do have one question about the results as I was not listed on there. My bib# was 335 and I finished in front of Bob Brashear in a time of 7:02:38. Do you guys no why I’m not listed as a finisher at all?

Scott Barnes

ed said...


Thanks! Congrats on your 1st 50k!

Headfirst Performance has revised their results.

Nathan D Holland said...

Thank you all again for such a great day in the woods! Congrats to all of the runners and I hate to hear that the park/officials are giving you a hard time for the runners. I’m hopeful that they reconsider. Cheers, Nathan Holland

Unknown said...

Hello -- We got a late start and when I finished they had ran out of 15mile medals. The woman at the end took my phone number but I have not heard anything yet. Can you let me know when I can expect to receive my medal? Thanks!

ed said...

Gee, Nathan -- You've really gotten comfortable with the course -- I'm going to have to get Scott & David to come here & give you some competition! Congratulations!

Unknown -- I'm sorry to hear that. There were runners who dropped down from the 50k to the 15m and apparently the 15m medals ran out. You & anyone else who did not receive a medal will need to contact Cynthia at Headfirst Performance -- contact information is listed on their website. I've found the best way to reach her is by text.

Unknown said...

Awesome race! My first Ultra and a tough one it was. It goes without saying that the race director is AWESEOME! Very blessed to be a runner and to have made new friends on the trails of JMF.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful event as always!! Do we know when results will be posted to Ultra Signup?

ed said...

Anonymous -- 50k results are now on Ultrasignup. The 15m & 6m results will follow.

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